the use of various techniques specifically designed to relax the body by applying pressure and manipulating the muscle tissue to increase blood flow. It restores vitality and delivers relaxation and pain relief. No longer is massage just considered an indulgence, it is recognized as an effective treatment for many health conditions.


Benefits of Massage

Reduces Stress • Promotes Relaxation • Relieves Muscle Tension • Relieves Joint Soreness • Enhances Body Awareness • Promotes Deeper Breathing  

Increases Circulation • Increases Lymphatic Function • Oxygenates The Skin • Increases Waste Removal


Signature Massage

60 MInS $100 • 90 MINS $140

A Massage that is customized for your specific needs, which may include Swedish, Deep Tissue, Acupressure, Stretching or Energy Work.



30 MINS $60 • 60 MINS $100

A foot massage the stimulates reflex points on feet and/or hands that correspond to your full body and all organs.  This is a balancing and integrative treatment for the whole body.

Fertility Massage

60 MINS $100 • 90 MINS $140 

A massage that includes focused pelvis massage, craniosacral and reflexology to help with hormonal balance during your fertility process.  It helps to increase blood flow, decrease pelvic adhesions and improve space in the pelvic girdle, while increasing function in the reproductive organs.  This treatments is recommended at three times within a month and not during your menstrual cycle. It can be used along with acupuncture and yoga to increase its effectiveness.

Prenatal Massage

60 MINS $100 • 90 MINS $140

A Massage customized for the pregnant woman. Special techniques and positions help reduce stress, encourage relaxation, relieve the aches and pains that may come with pregnancy. 


60 MINS $100 • 90 MINS $140

A gentle, hands-on session that works by optimizing the flow of cerebrospinal fluid, which is a vital fluid that nourishes and protects the nervous system and brain. Using soft touch, restrictions are released to improve the functioning of the central nervous system and shifts the mind and body into a mode of rest and recovery.  A stillness occurs allowing your body to naturally heal itself. 


Raindrop Technique

60 MINS $115 • 90 MINS $150

Young Living's proprietary Raindrop Technique® combines pure, authentic essential oils along the spine and feet using vita flex and massage to create a deeply relaxing, harmonizing  and rejuvenating experience.  This treatment is recommended to help reduce pain and inflammation, improve circulation, prevent bacterial and viral causes of spinal misalignment and improve immune function.


Hot Stone Massage

75 MINS $140 

A full body massage using heated basalt stones to help release muscle tension.  Stones are placed on parts of the body during the session to create deeper relaxation. A blissful experience that soothes muscles, increases circulation and a sense of well being.



60 MINS $100

A "laying on hands" channeling of energy, healing technique that activates the natural healing process of the body.  This unseen life-force energy helps restore ones physical and emotional well-being. 

Flower Essence Massage


60 MINS $125

Select the flower that you are most attracted to.  A flower essence and aromatherapy massage oil and aura mist are selected to create a healing and balancing experience. Includes a guided meditation, relaxing full body massage and take away gift (mini aura mist and a flower essence chocolate).
Experience more joy, attract more love, have more energy, feel more inspired, get better sleep, feel more peaceful with energetic remedies that work through the acupuncture meridians, creating a tangible shift in state of mind within days.